Since upgrading to the latest version of the K1000 on Windows 7 Ent x64 edition Shell commands in custom software inventory no longer work. See below for the one which I use in order to detect and then display the Bitlocker status of the local c: drive. Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

ShellCommandTextReturn(%windir%\sysnative\manage-bde.exe -status c:)

ShellCommandTextReturn(%windir%\sysnative\manage-bde.exe -protectors -get c: -type recoverypassword)


I have also tried the following without much success

ShellCommandTextReturn(c:\windows\sysprep\manage-bde.exe -status c:)

ShellCommandTextReturn(c:\windows\sysprep\manage-bde.exe -protectors -get c: -type recoverypassword)

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  • If you thind the answer please tell me, i try the same ^^
  • This custom inventory rules works fine with x64 bits machines :

    ShellCommandTextReturn(%windir%\sysnative\manage-bde.exe -protectors -get c:)

    What it return :

    Chiffrement de lecteur BitLocker : Outil de configuration version 6.1.7601
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. Tous droits réservés.

    Volume C: []
    Tous les protecteurs de clés

    TPM :

    Mot de passe numérique :
    Mot de passe :

    Then you need to create a computer report with the custom inventory field, and it's ok !

    ps : I don't find how to parse the value, i just got all the text..
    ps2 : In my configuration, all the passwords are saved in AD, don't know if it have any influence.
    ps3 : You can as well create one custom inventory rules for each hard drive letter, and create a report to see all bitlocker keys for all hard drive for one machine !
    ps4 : Sorry for my bad english !
  • Thanks for this post. It helped after our upgrade with the BitLocker Custom inventory report for Win 7 x64 machine but it doesn't work on x86 machines. Anyone have that issue? The command for the old server version that no longer works after the upgrade was: ShellCommandTextReturn(C:\Windows\System32\manage-bde.exe -status). I tried creating a new one with the command: ShellCommandTextReturn(cmd.exe C:\Windows\System32\manage-bde.exe -status)
    but it doesn't seem to work..Any help would be great
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