I'm trying to set something up that when a PC checks into KACE, if it doesn't have Trend Micro installed, then Trend Micro gets installed on that PC. What's the best way to do this? Create a label of "PCs With Trend Micro Installed / not installed"? Or what? Would this be a Managed Install? kscript? Any help is appreciated, thank you. 

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  • You got it. Create a smart Label that looks for Software Titles does not contain Trend. give it the label Needs AV or whatever you want to call it.

    Then create a Distribution that targets any machine that has the label Needs AV and it will install.

    Just make sure in your smart label you only find the machines you want to install trend on. exclude servers if they use trend.
  • A Managed Install will automatically filter your target machines and only attempt to install on those without the software in question. So you don't need to target machines without the software installed - just the ones you want it installed on.
  • so basically I can set up a MI for trend micro officescan client and have it set to enabled anytime, and check all devices? it will just skip on the ones that have it installed already? I created a smart label that doesn't have trend installed - wouldn't it just be easier to assign that label to the install?? This way if any machine checks in with no trend micro, it gets added to the label of no trend, then the install hits it?
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