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Hi Everyone,

We are starting a new branch of our company in another state and would like to set up a replication share and RSA for our current appliances. Right now, we already have one of each at one of our other sites and those are working fine, but we cannot set the up in the same way at the new location. Would we be able to have both of these on one physical server? We have limited resources as of now in the new location so would like to be able to use the same machine for both. Can we install either or preferrably both of these on a server that is going to be serving other purposes as well? 

If the answer is yes to the above questions we would be installing VirtualBox on our fileserver (Windows Server 2008 R2) to host the RSA and then pointing the K1000 to the same server for replication. We do not want to affect the functionality of the server at all since it will be the only data store at the new site. Does anyone see any problem with doing this?



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Well, Replication Share needs an agent, so you cannot marry both systems currently.

But you can use your DC as Replshare and also run the RSA in a vmware workstation on the same machine.

The idea is good (indeed) and also a uservoice thread is created about it:


I don't think this will be released soon, but it would be a smart way for branch offices running both with only one VM.

Answered 03/28/2013 by: Nico_K
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We asked our KACE reps almost exactly this same thing, namely using the PC with our RSA installed as the replication share.  They said it would be possible, however we never ended up implementing replication shares.  But in theory it can be done, according to them.

Answered 03/28/2013 by: nheyne
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  • Thanks for the response! It's good to know that they can coexist on the same machine. Now I just need to be sure that neither of them will interfere with anything else on the machine on which they live. Our 2 servers in the new location will be a DC and a file server. Obviously both of these are integral to all operations so we are trying to be very cautious about this.