I'm currently trying to upgrade our Symantec virus protection on about 150 Macs.  I have a working MI that installs the files on the Mac and after the machine is rebooted the Symantec protection "turns on".  However, I cannot figure out a way, using Kace, to uninstall the previous version that's already on the machine.  I have searched but I'm stuck with no solution on what to do, or what is the best practice to uninstall the previous Symantec version on the Macs.  Thanks!

Update:  I have the SymantecRemovalTool.command file from the Symantec website.  Is it possible to push this file through the K1000?
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  • Hi,
    have you had a look at the symantec site?
    They normally have really good how-to's on migration and updating there products...

  • I have and they have some good info, but still having issues, with the uninstaller its a .app file and not sure how to deploy it and run it.
  • Ok, i downloaded the SymantecRemovalTool.command from the Symantec site. Is it possible to push that file through Kace?
  • Hi,
    sorry but I have no idea regarding KACE. If it's an executable and can be run silently there should be no reason not to be able to push it out as a package...


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