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Looking to do an in place upgrade for our Windows 7 workstations and upgrade them to Windows 10.  These workstations have different people that login to them at times, so there are multiple profiles on each computer.  I want to harvest the profiles and store them somewhere on a share, then do the Windows 10 install, then copy the profiles back to the new Windows 10 install.  I am guessing this will be the form of a Pre/Post installation tasks some script that can be run.  I know that upon first login on a Windows workstation, the user profile is created in /users.  I don't know what kind of permissions Windows puts on these folders and don't know if this will work so that it is seamless for the user, with their profile already there with their desktop icons, favorites, etc already there upon first login.  Is this even possible?  With Windows 7 not getting critical updates after January 2020, I need start upgrading workstations.   I am sure someone has attempted this or there are scripts for this but my searches didn't turn up anything.  Thanks!
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Have you looked into the Windows 10 Upgrade tool?  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

This is what we are using and it keeps the user profile. It upgrades just the OS - it's not like a fresh install where it would delete everything.

We put upgrade tool on multiple flashdrives, and it has been working fine for us. Like I said, it keeps everything. User profile, downloads, favorites, desktop items, etc.

Answered 10/11/2018 by: feeldamped
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We have this Managed Install setup: https://www.itninja.com/blog/view/upgrading-from-windows-7-8-to-windows-10-via-k1000-script

I made an assumption that you were using KACE.  I'll leave this anyway for others who might trip on in.
Answered 10/11/2018 by: worzie
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