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I am trying to deploy "Symantec Endpoint Encryption - Removable Storage Edition 8.0.1" via SCCM 2007, and the problem I am constantly running into is that it keeps restarting my the boxes it's being deployed on.  I have tried the switches like "/norestart /RESTART=ReallySuppress" in addition to that I have added properties to the mst to be sure but nothing is stopping the reboot.  When I install this application manually on a box with the same commandline it works fine and doesn't reboot the machine.

Any thoughts, ideas or tips will be greatly appreciated.



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  • Hmm.... and the verdict is..???
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Thanks "rileyz".  It worked.  We ended up going with version 8.2.1 and your suggestion worked just fine, so thanks a bunch.


Answered 02/21/2014 by: 786_ak
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How are you deploying this? As a normal advert or part of a Task Sequence?

Advert: it will work as normal and not reboot.

Task Sequnce: If you run it as part of a task sequnce it will reboot (sccm triggers it, see code 3010 in logs). You can work around this by using "Run a Command" just assign the package to the "Run a Command". Put the msiexec /i nameof.msi guff in the command line.

*sccm triggers the reboot beacause task sequnces are supposed to be used for bulding PC's - not deploying software to the live enviremoment (as in the computer is in use). 

 **ignore the other guff, i just pinched the image off the internet.


Edit: added 3010 SCCM code.

Answered 02/06/2014 by: rileyz
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  • >it will reboot (sccm triggers it).
    I don't think so. A TS will reboot if you include the task 'Restart Computer' but there's no default "This is a TS so I'm going to reboot" behaviour.
    • Sorry I should've been clearer.

      Issue: A reboot is triggered from a TS > Install Software. But is not triggered when installing the same software via a traditional Advert.

      When you install software using a Task Sequence using "Install Software" and you are trying to suppress a reboot (because it needs to reboot, suppress via REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS etc) - it will still reboot as SCCM will see a deferred reboot, in SCCM this is a 3010.

      Task Sequnces are not intended to be used as a delivery mechanism for software in the live environment. It was intended for OS deployments + the core software. So if a reboot was needed as part of the build, it will just do it - because it was in a build process, no one should be using it.

      Because Adverts were not flexible people started using TS's to deploy more complex apps.

      Yes, you are half right in stating there is no "This is a TS so I'm going to reboot". But if you install software that requires a reboot in a TS via the "install software" method, it will reboot if required as part of that process.

      The work around provided above does work - I've had this issue in the past which drive me up the wall for at least a year (:
      • Er...no, I'm 100% right, since SCCM itself is not controlling the reboot, the software installation task is, as you say yourself:
        [quote]But if you install software that requires a reboot in a TS via the "install software" method, it will reboot if required as part of that process.[/quote]
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