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i have a created this batch to copy a file to a network folder everything is working fine when i run it manually but the minute i set it up to run in task scheduler in windows 2003 nothing is working. what am i doing wrong also do any of you guys have a vbs script thats able to do the same thing

for %%I in (c:\FTP-JOBS\FTP-NOTICES\STORAGE\CERT_MAT_DAILY*) do copy "%%~fI" "\\enet-nas\cushare\DATA\Records\Reports\Matured CD"
for %%I in (c:\FTP-JOBS\FTP-NOTICES\STORAGE\CERT_MAT_WKND*) do copy "%%~fI" "\\enet-nas\cushare\DATA\Records\Reports\Matured CD"
for %%I in (c:\FTP-JOBS\FTP-NOTICES\STORAGE\DATACHANGE_RPT*) do copy "%%~fI" "\\enet-nas\cushare\DATA\Records\Reports\Share Data Change"


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  • It may be related to access rights on this network share. If you task is scheduled to run as Local System Account, probably it will not have acces to this network location - it is different execution context than executed manually.
  • i found the issue right after i post this thanks
    • >i found the issue...
      ...which I'm not going to share with anyone.

      BTW, next time you post, please use appropriate tags. Batch commands have nothing whatsoever to do with VBScript!!
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