wanna ask something about backup and restore via FTP.
is it possible to do backup from our K1 appliance and restore it into a VM K1 in my office?
I already try it to get backup file database and appliance via FTP, but when I put the backup file via FTP into our VM and run recovery via web console / command kbrestore backup nothing happen.
Because, the I wanna do the Disaster Recovery Scenario.
Any suggestion to do this? Or any additional configuration?
Dell KACE K1 v6.0.101864.
DB backup size 500Mb.
Appliance bakcup size 5Gb.
Thank you for attention and help.
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Those who need the script files discussed below can get them from box.com folder:
Answered 01/06/2015 by: tk72
Senior White Belt

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Just wanted to add in a FTP script for MAC/ Linux servers. We use these scripts along with two cron jobs, on that runs daily (gets kbox_dbdata) and the other that runs monthly (gets kbox_dbdata and kbox_file).  The two scripts are really just a slight tweak of each other so I have only included the monthly script below, the daily script just changes the mget command to pull the kbox_dbdata.gz file.  Each daily backup is stored in a folder with the date.  





LOCAL_FOLDER=“somePathGoesHere like /Volumes/KaceBackups”

#create local dir to store backup, just in case it does not exist

echo "`mkdir -p /tmp/backup`"

echo "creating directory"

echo "FTP to get the backup files, this might take a few minutes"

# login to remote server

ftp -n -i $SERVER <<EOF


mget kbox*



echo "relocating the files to local folder"

#move the files we downloaded from tmp to local folder, stored by data

theDate="`date +%m-%d-%Y`"

mkdir $LOCAL_FOLDER/$theDate

echo "`mv kbox* $LOCAL_FOLDER/$theDate`"

echo "All done!"

Answered 01/07/2015 by: Jbr32
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You forgot a little thing with the FTP backup:
setting the binary flag
If you copy it from or to FTP w/o binary flag you will get crap (a message on the console that the backup is for anoter version (if I remember one 5.2 or similar) and then it reboots with the old database

Here you can find how to setup a daily backup script to get the backups out of the KACE:
(two things to remember with it: 1. you should regulary clean out the storage space you are writing it to,since the script does not delete old files and 2. fill in in the task scheduler the window "start in" with the local folder or it will only create the folders and not downloading anything)

Here you can find the KB for uploading it:
Answered 11/21/2014 by: Nico_K
Red Belt

  • I already trying to put the backup file with "type binary" and now the another error was coming..
    It said "backup files did not contain a 4.x database. Restore from backup terminated"
    I already follow this step https://support.software.dell.com/kb/111216

    So confused, is it okay if I put the backup file with winscp or filezilla?
    Because I already using the cmd and it still error.
    thank you.
    • normally this would not be a problem.
      I would open a ticket with support, since this is an issue which is hard to be assisted with you over the forum.
      The error usually means, that the backup was not downloaded or uploaded as binary (if you still have a backup inside the box, please restore it)
  • Sorry for hijacking this thread but the links on the solution for scheduled FTP backup (https://support.software.dell.com/kb/SOL111736) do not work any more (they point to the old KACE support site, https://support.kace.com/packages/kb_attachments/94/bkupkbox.zip )
    Does any of you know if /where these scripts are still available?
    • I have the originals and would be happy to send them to you. Check my profile and e-mail me at that address if you would like them.
      • Hello rockhead44, I wasn't able to find any e-mail in your profile. I made mine visible in the privacy settings so if you could send the files I'd be really grateful.
    • due to the changes of the support page the links have been changed
      https://support.software.dell.com/k1000-systems-management-appliance/kb/111736 is the new article for the FTP backup
      • Hello Nico,

        that is the article I am referencing to. The links are still going back to the old KACE Site on there.
    • Just e-mailed the files to you.
      • Received the files and implementing them now.
        Thanks a bunch rockhead44
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icon, there's something else you need to verify. When you utilize FTP in the newer versions you are forced to set a password. This password follows standard FTP restrictions so some special characters cannot be used in the password. If you used something like an @ in the password you will have a major problem and no FTP transfer will be possible.
Answered 11/25/2014 by: achri
White Belt

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