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We are having some issues with silently installing Avid Protools (Version 11). The lads have been doing some research and nothing has come up with the relevant switches or a solid process.

This is for an educational facility with some large applications included over a larger number of deployments, so my preference is to avoid a capture if we can and to have this available through the self service portal.

Thanks for your help.

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  • Is there a URL where one can download an eval, or do you know which base installer is being used on this product?
  • It seems as though no one has tried this successfully. I am looking to deploy Pro Tools 12 on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise via SCCM 2012 R2. If anyone has any tips or suggestions I'd be grateful.
  • Hi I'm looking to do the same with ProTools 12.6 I was planning to use a PSAppDeploytoolkit wrapper script but after having issues with AVID Sibelius 8.4 where the installer doesn't work silently when run under the system user context I'm not expecting ProTools to be any better. Although I will say that Avid support confirmed I don't need to have avid application manager installed so that's one things I can be happy about. Avid Application Manager is so bad it creates thousands of log files when it can't phone home to the point of using all free disk space and killing a machine.
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