Is there an API or URL that can be used to automate the upload of CSV files containing asset information into the K1000?

I know that this can be done manually, but we collect lots of asset information from various places via scripts and we'd love to be able automate the upload of this information into the asset fields for our hosts.


Using labels, custom inventory fields, or whatever, will not work for us. Assigning someone to upload csv files everyday wil also not work.


Anyone have any solutions that can share?

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  • Thanks for the reply Hobbsy.

    Currently our problem is that we have information about assets (mostly our servers that we manage) in many different DBs and applications throughout our environment. This is to say that we have multiple authoritative points of information, depending on what that specific piece of information is.

    It's easy for use to automate the collection of this information and create a CSV file for use with the KACE asset manager feature and to tie the asset to a server in inventory.

    I was just hoping to be able to come up with an automated solution for loading the CSV into KACE (hoping there was a solution like the WSAPI).

    We do not use the Service Desk part of this at all, so I'm not familiar enough with it's ticketing system to cobble something together with this, but that could work for us, if need be.
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This is quite an issue for most customers but there is no solution within KACE itself as the update or import process is a very manual one. I have seen some workarounds using the service desk to create "Tickets" for every update on a specific queue and then use a ticket rule to copy the data into the Asset tables, deleting the tickets to clean up, but again this is messy. So your only KACE course of action is to raise a dev request on the uservoice forum.

However, I can offer some hope in that we have developed a barcode scanner for IOS and Android devices and in developing the product we now have a connector which will allow us to add, update and remove asset records within the asset table. The idea being that you scan a new asset, which when uploaded creates a new asset record that will link to the inventory when the PC is installed and running. This will also work for non IT or non discoverable devices.

This is also possible via cloud based automation software that we use, if you are interested in looking at this as a solution we should be able to create an automated upload process that collects and reads your data source and adds or updates the asset records accordingly, all of which could be run on a schedule.


If you are interested in ivestigating this further please contact me directly

Answered 10/22/2013 by: Hobbsy
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