Does anyone have any easy to implement solutions to generate a service desk ticket automatically on a schedule.  In my organization we would like to use the service desk for our maintenance department and they have a number of tasks like changing filters and routine maintenance that they would like to have tickets created for the service personel automatically.  Since they are not tech saavy and rarely use a computer except to check their work orders this is essential to them.  I would also like to use it for the IT side as reminders to perform tasks such as backup archiving and routine maintenance tasks since management likes to have this data for accountability and reporting on what work is being done.

I came across this old article from KACE but it does not seem to work and from what I read it stopped working with the 5.5 update

I was hoping that this feature would make it into version 6.0 but it is not and if it is a process that can be created and automated the information is not clear on how to achieve that.   

I thought about using email to send an automatic email but that is not easily achievable from what I can see and not a native function of email programs such as outlook.  

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  • Since the Service Desk can accept emails to create new tickets I decided to look into a different approach to this problem. I came across this free opensource tool called SendEmail that can be attached to a scheduled task on a server.


    The nice thing about this is that SendEmail can be configured with authentication parameters and is not restricted to open SMTP. Not sure if it will work with my Office365 or not yet but this may work out for the few things I need to have automated.
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