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Autodesk 2016 Deployment via KACE Script keeps failing halfway through Installation.

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Greeting and Salutations all. I am fairly new to the world of KACE and have been banging my head with this problem for several weeks now so I thought it would be as good a time as any to enter the ITNinja world and seek advice.


I work for a SMB Construction firm. My Team are attempting to deploy Autodesk Design Suite Premium to a number of our end- user hardware and are coming unstuck at deploying this in an automated manner.


We have used the Autodesk Deployment Tool to create our new Image and stored in on a centralised network area accessible by all the machines and users required for this process. We have tested the installation manually calling it and witnessed it successfully run on 3 machines in our fleet.


Following this we have written a BAT file that will manually map the network share as a drive for our end user then call the relevant Image. This has run with a number of switches that have been recommended via the Autodesk website  that put the installation into a basic UI mode and specify the location of the .ini file that customise the install with all the prerequisites you have set in building the image.


Again we tested the deployment of this bat file in the following ways:


1.       Called it as a local user of the machine – Software Installed

2.       Called it as a domain user on the machine – Software Installed

3.        Called it as a domain admin user on the machine – Software Installed

4.       Used PS Tools to call a System CMD Prompt and run the BAT file as a system user – Software Installed.


All being good we now attempted to deploy this file via a KACE script. However every time we run it the process stops around halfway through (I know it has started as some of the application have now installed)

What’s more the main log file created by the Autodesk tool does not update when the KACE script calls the IMG meaning we are left with no log information.


The Script is a an Online K Script being Run as local user.

 The Allow run without a logged in user box is checked.

I attach a modified version of the script below. If someone has experienced similar with this and could advise what we are doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

 Hardware in Question are all DELL Precision T3610s 

KACE Agent is 

KACE OS is 6.4.119927

REM AutoDesk 2016 BDSP Deployment Script for KACE
REM This Script is run by KACE to silently deploy Autodesk BDSP silently

REM Note.. When mapping the setup.exe map it a folder higher in the heirarchy to all deployment to allow the deployment
REM to pull the files from the correct location.

REM Delete all drives so it doesn't remember a previous x drive that as mapped before.
net use * /delete /yes

REM Maps Network Drives Q for Templates (Specified in deployment) z for the installation files.
net use w: \\networklocation\templates pasword /USER:username
net use x: \\networklocation\Autodesk\2016 pasword /USER:username /yes

REM Changing to drive where the installation exists (Drive Z).

REM Running the setup in quiet with a basic UI (qb), /I to install BDSP must specify the ini file (Img\2016 v1.ini), /lang... to 
REM specify the language 
x:\Img\Setup.exe /W /Q /I x:\Img\2016v2.ini /language en-us

REM Remove Drives
net use * /delete /yes

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  • Hello,

    Kace support can try to help diagnose the issue if we can get some logs. The kapturestate log is the best way to get the logs and then we can take a look at them and see if we can find out what the issue may be. We can look at it in the forum or you can create a ticket for a technician to look at. You would want to run the script again and once it errors out, take a look at the information from the kapturestate link below so we can get the logs.

    • I will look at this process as well.
  • Would you be willing to run your setup as a Distribution? I've got mine set up that way and it works beautifully. I'd be more than happy to assist.
    • I would not mind a distribution method at all no. Infact we initially started this as a distribution but the issue we came up against was that the installation kept stopping halfway through the list of applications. We were also struggling in silent mode to get the machine to recognise our versions of DOT NET and C++ as valid.
      • As long as NET Framework Version 4.5 is installed on the workstations you should be fine. https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-AutoCAD-2016.html
  • The problem we came across was that the Install was looking for vers 4.x.x where as 4.6 does not have the second decimal point. As such one is treated as a number and one is treated as a string. We found the only work around was to manually set the registry value where such a class occurd.

    Regardless I am interested to know what solution you implemented to get this working as a distribution. As KACE has a 2GB file upload limit my previous attempts have yielded files far to big for this approach.
    • May want to take a look at this. I know that people will use a file share or try using the samba client share.


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So this is how I set up my AutoCAD 2016 Distribution. I also did the same for Revit and Navisworks. The reason for separating each program is that they're just too large to combine.
First, I would imagine that you have already created your deployment, the .ini file, and zipped the contents. 
Second, I would place that zip in a location on a shared drive that all of your users have the read right to. 
The image below is exact setup and I hope that it will help you.

Also, I set up a completion message for my users to let them know once the installation completed.
This setup also works perfectly for all Adobe applications as well.

Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Answered 03/31/2016 by: FSU Facilities
Yellow Belt

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