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Hi I am trying to install the AutoCAD LT 2013 silently, using the commands provided in the adminstrative guiede working fine. But the problem is client do not want the serial key to be embedded in that... so is there any way to do that? 

I am using batch installation method because in Adminstrative method we must need to give the Serial Key info during the creation of package. 

Followed this post but that ended up without clarity !!!



C:\setup.exe /t /qb /language en-us /c 
ACAD: INSTALLDIR="%programFiles%\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2013" 
we have stand alone licenses so using abobe command with just adding /w for SCCM deployment
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To create a deployment you will need a license key. You cannot do it for a demo version.

Answered 08/24/2012 by: piyushnasa
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  • Okay Piyush, So how did you deploy the application for all users with the same License Key and Serial Number in it?? Could you help me with this If I embed the one License Key and write a batch script, If I install that in more than one machine thats going to fail in second machine?? so Do we need to change the values of license key for each and every user?
  • You will need to have a volume license if you have to install it to multiple machines.

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Okay bob finally came up with the answer. 

FOR AutoDesk Inventor LT/ AutoCAD LT use this batch command 

"%~dp0setup.exe" /t /qb /language en-US /c ACADLT: INSTALLDIR="%ProgramFiles%\Autodesk\AutoCAD LT 2013" ACADSERIALPREFIX=123 ACADSERIALNUMBER=12345678 ADLM_PRODKEY=ABCDE ADLM_EULA_COUNTRY=US InstallLevel=5

For just AutoCAD use this 

"%~dp0setup.exe" /t /qb /w /language en-us /c ACAD: INSTALLDIR="%ProgramFiles%\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2013" ACADSERIALPREFIX=000 ACADSERIALNUMBER=00000000 ADLM_PRODKEY=00000 ACADFIRSTNAME="firstname" ACADLASTNAME="lastname" ACADORGANIZATION="company" ADLM_EULA_COUNTRY=US InstallLevel=5 ALLUSERS=1 ADSK_DESKTOPSHORTCUT_1=0

If you place All Zero's it will install Trial Version first with out prompting the License Wizard. 

Answered 09/11/2012 by: ontari.ontari
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If installation requires a key, you'll have to provide one. As a hack, perhaps you could deploy them all with the same key and then break it with a script. I don't know if the license is stored in the registry or a file, but if you can determine that, editing or deleting such information following installation may cause the license prompt you seek on first launch. Let us know what you come up with!

Answered 08/24/2012 by: bkelly
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