We use Dell KACE K2000 to deploy a Windows 7 64 bit image to Dell Latitude E6440 units.  If we leave the audio driver in the driver feed and reboot after sysprep has finished, the audio driver does not work.  We get no sound and when we go to reboot again we get an error that the system is waiting for the logoff sound to play.

Has anyone else had this issue?  What was the resolution?  We have attempted downloading the latest version of the driver from Dell.com but that hasn't helped either.  We now have a Dell Precision M6800 Workstation with the same issue.

Thanks for any assistance.

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  • When you say the driver does not work, does that mean it is missing from Device Manager, or is it installed but the audio is not coming through? If you're installing the driver directly from Dell's website and there is still no audio, it doesn't sound (no pun intended) like it's a driver issue.
  • We are installing the driver direct from the Dell Website but no audio is working after installing. If we let Windows 7 install the default driver, we do get sound but we get a very loud popping noise when the sounds first start to play. Also the audio ports (headphone/mic ports) do not operate as expected. We have about 30 of these E6440 units in the field all of them with the same issue once we image them with K2000. The standard Dell image works fine but our corporate image does not.
  • Anyone else having this issue?
    • You didn't answer my original question, does the Device Manager show any conflicts for the audio driver after you install it from Dell's website?
  • Device Manager shows no conflicts.
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