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I'm trying to install ATTCM 9.2.x. I've extracted the MSI file and can do a silent install fine using msiexec, but I cannot for the life of me find a way to stop ATTCM from starting when a user logs in. There is an option in the program itself to Launch when Windows starts, but I want to disable this automatically instead of needing to remember to do this manually.

Has anyone successfully deployed ATTCM and got it to stop auto launching when a user logs in? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • The standard way of handling this issue is to perform a snapshot, using a lightweight tool like InstallWatch or PictureTaker, to capture the appropriate setting.

    Having said that, it can only really be happening in a limited number of places: either the registry 'Run' key (remember there are keys in HKCU *and* HKLM) or one of Windows' Startup folders.
    • I know the registry key that corresponds to the option in ATTCM to launch when Windows starts, but if I delete it manually, as soon as I open ATTCM, it recreates it. I have to physically open ATTCM and uncheck the start when Windows start for it to stop.
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you can do the following... if you are able to turn on and off Automatic Startup via the Application's Gui that is..

- Install InstallWatcher Pro or some other capture tool on a test pc.. http://www.raymond.cc/blog/tracking-registry-and-files-changes-when-installing-software-in-windows/ - its free if you want to download it.

- Install Vendors software on test pc.

- Run capture

- Change settings of Vendor's software where Auto Startup will NOT happen

- Run 2nd Capture to get the diff

90% of the time there will be a registry setting that gets added to the pc. If you dont see that registry key in the Vendors MSI, then you can add it via an MST and push that out as your silent install package.

Answered 08/09/2013 by: ekgcorp
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  • Well I appreciate the help but I still can't seem to get it to work. I know the registry setting is in HKCU > Software > MS > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run. I don't see any option for this when editing the MSI in insted. I tried adding it in a transform with a blank value, but that didn't work. If I delete it from the registry, as soon as I open attcm, it's back again.
  • If you're looking in the MSI and don't see the key in the Registry table, then it's probably getting set by a Custom Action - yuck - and getting executed as part of a self-heal. Try and search for it. If you're lucky, you'll find it and will be able to delete it.
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