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Is it possible to assign a group to a ticket owner?
My company has a couple techs in a tier support scheme. 

Desktop Support Specialist- 1 Tech
Service Desk Admin- 1 Tech
Systems Admin 1- 1 Tech
Systems Admin 2- 1 Tech

In AD we have the groups above, then we have a tech assigned to those groups. This helps assigning job titles rather than techs in case they leave or are replaced. 
Under support desk >> configuration >> my queue >> I would like tickets to auto assign based on the category that is selected. 

I tried to do user roles but that just makes the tech's name appear. Thanks for the help!!
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If you are saying you want Category A to assign to Tech A, Category B to assign to TechB you can set a value for each category in the settings for the Queue, Customize field and layout, then set a value in the Default Owner column for each  category value
Answered 06/11/2018 by: Hobbsy
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  • I know that I can do that. In AD I have a group called sys admin 1. I am wondering if I can assign lets say all printers to go to sys admin 1. That way I can move people in AD around and not have to keep changing who tickets go to within kace
    • When you consider that the function of assigning a ticket in KACE allows you to assign only to a single user, I'm pretty sure assignment to a group at any stage is not feasible.
      • Darn ok Just want to make sure I am not missing anything