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is it possible to assign a asset to multiple devices ?

For example i have an asset type "Building Number" with serveral Building Number assigned as Assets with type "bulding Number" e.g. Building Number 12
So far so good.
But now i want to assign this Building Number to multiple Devices who are in this building.
To assign this manually on each device is possible but no option for me because i have to do this for about 300 devices.
Would it be possible to search with a criteria (PC-Name) select the displayed devices and assign them all in one step to an asset?

Thanks in advance for helping me.

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Yes it is possible. You have your asset type "Building Number" and another asset type "Computer". Within the asset type "Computer" add another asset field, name it and select "Asset Building Number" as type. Save everything. Now switch over to an asset item and set the Building Number to this asset.
Answered 03/11/2015 by: aragorn.2003
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  • but thats´s not exactly what i want. maybe my english is not good enough to explain it correct. Create an Asset Type and assign a asset as you described is clear. Maybe it would be easier to understand with an example. In Building 12 i have 30 Computers, to these 30 Computers the Asset Building should be set to 12. I knew that i could do this for each Computer manually under Inventory==>Devices=>Device=>Asset=>Asset Information=>Edit Asset
    But that´s not what i want. Is there no way to search devices in the inventory e.g. all Computers with "sales" in the systemname and set the Building Number 12 to this 30 Computers ?
    • ah sorry, i missunderstood you. tried some things now, but i think it is not possible to bulk change assets. read some other articles about mass changing fields but doesn´t see a resolution. why not using labels for that case?
      • Would this be the same if I wanted to add assigned users in bulk to already existing assets with attached inventory records?