Does anyone happen to know whether or not the view settings in "Asset Details" can be changed to show specified asset fields in column views? For example, I'm modifying the Locations asset specifically to display our remote site information which includes the address, network appliance information, and ISP information. What I'm trying to accomplish is when a technician selects from the ISP single drop down list, it opens new text fields in a column view to the right side of the ISP selection for account #, support #, support rep #, etc.

I know this information can be configured easily enough to be displayed as rows but ultimately I was hoping to condense and control the viewing of the available details so a technician can easily sieve through one page without being required to sort or scroll through multiple rows of information.

Thanks a lot of your help!

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  • I'm not sure I quite understand what you are trying to get at, but I'll take a stab.

    The Asset Details page has one row (field name, field data) per field as defined in the asset type. I'm not aware of any way to populate further columns beyond those two, though I'm sure services could investigate customization.

    I am also unaware of a mechanism to interactively populate the data from what I'm guessing is your ISP asset type into the Location asset type. You could attack this data merge by running a report or running a ticket rule.

    I hope this helps.
  • Hi Grayematter,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm not attempting to interactively import/populate data. Ideally, I'm just trying to add columns to the "asset details" page of an asset. For example, when you create a new location asset, you name it appropriately and then enter the information into the existing rows. Rows may include:

    Location Name

    etc. What I am trying to accomplish is adding columns to shorten the length of the page view as well as create more "in-line" information so that everything is organized within it's necessary section. If I use the Locations "asset detail" page, it may now look something like this with columns:

    Location Name
    Address (column1) | City (column2) | State (column3) | Zip (column 4) |

    Reason being is I'm adding a lot of information to the Location assets of my appliance and I want it to appear more organized and functional so that it requires less effort to trace the information a technician may require when troubleshooting a site or looking up information.
  • rrjustin, I came across your question about asset detail while searching ITNinja for the exact same thing. I, too, would like to change the way the detail page is displayed. Have you figured this out? If so, would you mind sharing how you did it?
    • Hi Tmongiello. I apologize for replying exceptionally late, but I never found a solution to display asset fields "in-line" - I resorted to creating separate asset types and then linking those asset types to the location asset type. This way, each asset type (ISP accounts, routers, switches, etc.) may all have their own asset detail page with custom fields that links to the "parent" asset type, in my case the location. This solved my problem for reducing the page length and having an exorbitant amount of rows being displayed all at one time. It's slightly reduced functionality, but I came to the conclusion that it was better to solve my problem using this method as now I can generate custom reports and email them to separate parties that contains only the information I need them to see. e.g location report + isp info + router info for our technicians, and then a separate location report + cell phone report for our accounting team to review how many corporate cell phones are allocated to a specific location for budgeting purposes.

      Hopefully you've solved your problem by now, or if not, at least this is an alternative solution.
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