In order to mass update assets, the best way seems to be to exporting to CSV then modifying the data and reimporting it. This is very quick and easy, unless that asset contains the User asset field. In these cases the export shows the user as 'Firstname Lastname (username)', for example John Smith (SMITHJ). On the import, I map User to this field and I must select a user key. I am given the options User ID, Username, and Email ID and none of these are matching that same format as the export. It then tries to create new records for all the users because they do not match. In order to get them to import properly, I have been using excel formulas to remove the first and last name, then another forumla to remove the parathesis around the user name. The data then imports properly when using the User Name key. This is a pain and is not efficient. Does anyone have any suggestions to make this easier or is this something I am stuck with?


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