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I have a vendor MSI, which on installation presents a prompt to user ,to which unless user gives his input , wont dissappear and this dialog box appears on both install as well as repair. On further investigation it was found this messga surfaces from the custom actions present in the MSI and these custom actions have been sequenced on the component installation states. I have fiddled around the custom action trying every single permutation and combination of the value of component installation value. At last , i removed the custom actions from the installation sequence, but , this created did more harm than good. Because, these custom actions were also responsible for the installation of the assemblies of the MSI. So now i have to deal with assembly installation as well. These are 62 .net assembly files which are installed in the INSTALLDIR. and as a part of troubleshooting i was registering them with the following command line
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\RegAsm.exe <NameOfDLL> [/codebase]. 
However, this method of testing is very frustating and iterative. Hence,  i wrote a vbscript to register every single DLL under INSTALLDIR using RegAsm.exe. But this approach yeilded no result. 
Can anybody suggest a solution to this problem? 

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  • An old packager's trick...in your authoring tool - it doesn't matter if that's Wise or InstallShield - remove the files from the package, then add them back. The registration details should be automatically added by the tool.
  • I wonder if you can supply the value of that dialog box and capture the property if any. In order to do that, you can initiate the vendor MSI with a verbose log and once you have entered the value and try to finish the installs, search the log and look for the value and you might be lucky to find a property for it which you can declare.

    If that one does not work, you can also take a look at the Dialog Editor and see the actual action responsible for it.

    Btw, may we know what kind of dialog box is that?
    • I wish i could paste it, but, still its pretty much close to the one shown in the below link


      I tried with the verbose log, not a single property related to message box return value was found and so was the case with dialog boxes. Lets see, i'm trying some out of box approaches. fingers crossed
  • If everything fails, it would be best to contact the vendor itself and ask how you can get around with it. I am sure they know and if you are lucky, they might create a custom package for your organization. All you have to do is ask them.. :)
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Would it be possible some property can be set which will feed to the custom action, so instead of removing that Custom action, it is fed with required value thus not prompting?

Answered 05/06/2014 by: dinozilla
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