Does ASE actually support VBScript auto-completion? The Script Sense(R) feature does only display mouse over tooltips, at least at my computer.

If I create a Power Shell script auto-completion works as expected.

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  • A restart of the computer solved the issue.

    Thank you for your elaborate answer!
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Yes, it certinaly should. ScriptSense is the tool tip feature and ScriptComplete  is auto-completion. So if you type...

$FSO = CreateObject(

...you would see a tooltip with the parameters accepted by CreateObject. Continuing...

$FSO = CreateObject("

...you get a drop down list of available COM objects from you system. Keep typing to narrow the list and select (hit enter when highlighted) when you see what you want. Continuing...

$FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
$Drives = $FSO.

...gets you a list of methods and properties for the file system object.

That is how it "should" work (and is for me). Be sure you've chosen to create a new "VBScript" document too. If ASE does not know the document is VBS it won't offer these capabilities. To verify right-click on the tab and choose "Properties" where it should tell you want "Type" of document it thinks its working with.

Answered 01/24/2014 by: bkelly
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