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Good morning all,

Starting a couple weeks ago, we noticed that there were many PCs in our domain that stopped inventorying.  After a while we were able to narrow it down that on the desktop side, it was just about all of the Windows 7 PCs that we still run.  Over 90% of them are not inventorying.  We've been going through the normal troubleshooting process for this but I was wondering if this was happening to anyone else as well on the Windows 7 side.  


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  • Also, I tried deleting the devices from the system. They do their initial inventory, but not the automatic ones afterwards.

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Please refer the KAgent.log and konea.log on agent to see if you see anything erroneous. Also, check the server logs from Settings->Logs 

Answered 08/12/2019 by: AbhayR
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  • So I did run KAT on one of the W7 PCs that will not auto inventory.

    Force Inventory Fails - just hangs and nothing happens

    Server Retrust - Same thing here.

    I Kapture the logs but I'm not sure what to look for. Can anyone advise?

  • Also in the konea.log I see the following errors. Do these mean anything to anyone:

    |ERROR|process.go:143:func1 | Module Exited |{"err":"exit status 1","module":"clientidentifier"}
    |ERROR|requesterlistener.go:68:Run | Stop Requester Listener |{"err":"accept tcp use of closed network connection"}
    |ERROR|exechandler.go:86:func1 | Error killing |{"err":"exit status 1"}
    |ERROR|sdk.go:45:func1 | konea not running, exiting|{"current ppid":2156,"initial ppid":2156}