We are looking for a stored reply or canned responses solution for the help desk staff using the KBOX1100 Service Desk.  Are there any macro or stored paragraph type functionalities in KACE that allow us to pick from a drop down of frequently used phrases ("Please reboot your computer and try again." "Your password has been reset." , etc) so that we do not have to longhand text every reply into the comments section?

We thought about using the Knowledge base system for this but rejected that idea because 1) we don't want to clutter up our KB, and 2) we don't want the users on the portal to see all our standard replies in the KB either.

If this functioality doesn't exist in KACE, what are other people doing for their ticket replies and / or do you have any 3rd party or custom solutions you are using that you could recommend?



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  • That doesn't exist unless you want to try and create ticket rules. KB is the best way to do that and the user doesn't get to see the drop down on their end to select from. Only admins and ticket owners do. You can also hide those articles from the users by using user labels and only allow the IT staff to see those articles.

    We use the KB ourselves with standard templates but as far as 3rd party, since the KBOX doesn't allow external solutions to connect to it, i haven't heard of anyone using anything else to do what you are describing.
  • Thanks very much for your help - we will look into the templates and labels solution.
  • I added several items and flagged them as limited to Help Desk Ticket Owners, but they are not adding to the comments... any thoughts?
    • What K1000 version are you on? 5.4.76847 has some issues with this. If you are on that version, open a support ticket. There is a patch available that should resolve this.
      • I have opened a ticket - I will let you know how it goes.
  • I am on 5.4.76848 and there still is a problem with that. Is there another patch beyond that jknox?
    • I have opened a ticket - I will let you know how it goes.
  • I had to get the patch for that :/

    KACE got rid of the html link and went with the add text link, which broke KB's like mine that use HTML to make it look pretty. I had to remove the HTML from my KB as HTML does not show in tickets, so the "append to ticket" feature just uglified everything.
    • Well that sounds disappointing. We are waiting on getting the patch deployed ... ironically it is in our own queue waiting to bubble up....
    • So, are you saying that when the patch is applied, it is all just plain text and the HTML is disabled?????
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For quick opened and closed tickets such as a password reset, you can create processes in the Service Desk for those frequent tickets. In the process you can fill out the ticket completely (short of the ticket submitter). Then, when anyone calls the help desk for one of those problems, you have a pre-built template complete with comments and resolution.

You can also use the KB like you indicated in your question. If you don't want the users to see your 'canned' responses, you can always restrict the KB articles to a specific user label (maybe your ticket owners?). That will allow you to pull them into tickets from the KB, and you won't have to worry about users seeing them.

Answered 06/06/2013 by: erik.ragan
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  • Thanks, as well, for your suggestions. I like both of these ideas and will look into utilizing them - I appreciate it!
  • We wanted to have custom responses be easily added to the resolution note and not just comments, so I built a custom asset type to store them. A custom field on the queue allows the technician to choose the response and a rule then adds the response to the resolution field.
    • How did you do that?
  • I added several items and flagged them as limited to Help Desk Ticket Owners, but they are not adding to the comments... any thoughts?
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