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Apply window 10 image fails when syspreped with "/generalize, /shutdown, and /oobe "

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Hi guys.

I am having a problem.

I have successfully installed from media a win 10 OS. Syspreped using  the "/generalize, /shutdown, and /oobe " option.

I captured the C drive and upladed to the image to  kace succefully

It was a uefi image from a uefi based machine

I wanted to use the Microsoft way to sysprep, and not use the "sysprep creator tool" from quest.

I always get the "apply image fail" when deploying the image.

And yes I did a uefi partition preinstall task...which succeeded.

BUT I successfully deploy the image if it was sysprepped with the "sysprep creator tool" from quest.

(I really cant go into why I wont use this tool at this time. Briefly...the issue is that it

is not generating a new ClientMachineID after sysprep, so we are having duplicate

ClientMachineID 's on all deployments which is causing havoc with WSUS and KMS servers.

I have a ticket open with Quest on this).

Back to topic........

It fails with unknown error. log files below in the answer section.

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  • It looks like you aren't applying an unattend file when you run sysprep, that might be the cause.
  • The cause of what?
    the sysprep tool not working ???
    or the windows
    "/generalize, /shutdown, and /oobe " ?

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It's hard to say what's wrong with your process vs the sysprep creator process because we don't know what all has been done. Windows 10 is a pain to sysprep manually due to store/provisioned apps, etc.

What's the error code when the task fails? Also, I don't see any image deployment logs, that might help us understand the issue. Better yet get in touch with support.

Re: Sysprep Creator, the CMID is likely not being reset due to skiprearm being set to 1 in the unattend. Try checking the option to "reset activation grace-period timer" on step 8 of the Sysprep Creator wizard
Answered 10/16/2017 by: warmep
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