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This application intalls via Oracle Installer. The setup.exe file launches the Oracle Installer interface where we have the provision to install the selected application by a click. The installation is followed by a database addition and configuration.

I created a Wise Snapshot of the entire installation process to create a .MSI file. The .MSi file installs and works fine and till this point everything looks perfect.

When I reboot the machine and launch the shortcut for 'Applicaion Desktop Integrator' thedatabase I found the database for ADi (which I configured post installation) to e broken and corrupted.
My query is : Is this because may be Oracle Installer is not compatible with MSI that some of the entries are not captured. Or is it that Oracle Installer acually creates a corruped MSI
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Much easier and safer to use the OUI to create the response files and use that for your un-attended install.

You can always wrap up the install into an MSI if you need to deploy via group policy.

Hope it helps..
Answered 09/29/2009 by: MSIPackager
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Rob's right but that doesn't mean that it's impossible to package Oracle apps: it's just challenging.

The way to approach all captured apps is to:
- install your package
- use a lightweight snashot tool (e.g. InstallWatch) to take a 'Before' snapshot
- remove all traces of installation data, so that the vendor install can't "see" that the app's already installed
- run the vendor install over the top of yours, obviously ensuring that you choose exactly the same options
- take an 'After' snapshot
- add all relevant changes to your package
Answered 09/30/2009 by: VBScab
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Sorry to come back on this a bit late..

Rob : I tried to create a response file using the OUI and used the following command for this purpose
setup.exe -record -destinationFile <Path_to_Response_file>.rsp
as well as
setup.exe -r <Path_to_Response_file>.rsp (Both of these commands executed via command line from the directory where the setup was located)
Unfortunately the .rsp never got created.
I had already tried the workaround provided by Ian (VBScab) but could not capture anything significant...

And then all of a sudden I found out the root cause of the issue.
This application actually installs two services. One of them is "Oracle ADI Service". The installation by deafult would leave the service is 'Disabled' state. If I start this service the database configuration(which is a part of post installation config) is "gone". And when I stopped and disabled the service the configuration reappeared.
Could not account for this strange behavior. Never seen this before.
When I took a Wise Snapshot the service was not disabled (startup was always set to Automatic) by default in the MSI.This explains why the reboot would corrupt the database.
So the solution is : just change the servixe startup type to 'Disabled' and you are all set [:)]. This didnt affect any functionality either( checked them as well)

Answered 10/05/2009 by: jinxngoblins
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