Hope someone has an idea on this one.  We have an older (read: KACE) K1000 appliance, 32-bit (which means 5.3.5 for the firmware), and a strange phenomenon has been happening.  We are unable to reach the appliance through the web console (for us it is simply "k1/adminui" until the K1 daily run output email is generated by the appliance.  Many months ago the appliance would generate this very early in the AM (around 2 or 3AM), and we were able to use it by start of the work day.  About a year ago, we ran into an issue where we had to reimage the appliance, and patch it all the way back up to 5.3.5.  It started working just fine after that, but we noticed that over time the email would be sent out later and later in the day, and over the past couple of months, the email doesn't generate until after 3PM, rendering the box (particularly the web interface, which is our main use for it) useless until that time.  That severely limits its usefulness.  I was thinking it was because it was being overloaded with inventory, but we have less than 700 machines reporting in across the company, so I doubt that is our issue.

Any thoughts as to what might be causing this?

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  • sounds like your backup is taking longer and longer to complete. check history settings you may be keeping too much and it is swelling the database
    • what size are your backup files?
  • Hi SMal.tmcc, here are my current backup settings:


    Backup disk Status
    The backup disk on http://K1 is 27.21% full.

    Free space: 96.53 GB
    Total space: 132.61 GB

    Database Backup Retention
    Retain the most recent Three daily backups
    Retain the most recent 2 monthly backups

    Download File Backup
    This section lists all the K1000 files backup stored in the backup disk. We only store the most recent file backup and do not have a retention setting for the same.

    20151012_kbox_file.tgz (3.09 GB)

    Download Database Backup
    This section lists all the database backup files stored in the backup disk.

    20151012_k1_dbdata.gz (1.61 GB)
    20151011_k1_dbdata.gz (1.61 GB)
    20151010_k1_dbdata.gz (1.61 GB)
    20151009_k1_dbdata.gz (1.61 GB)
    20150930_k1_dbdata.gz (1.59 GB)
    20150831_k1_dbdata.gz (1.55 GB)


    Right now it is kicking off at midnight every night. Is there a way I can cut down on the bloat of the backup?
    • if you have tracking history on on the kbox set that off or to acceptable minimums.
  • Hi Smal.tmcc,

    I'm checking on the status of our support today; not sure if we still have this appliance covered.

    You were right about the backup, though. I moved the start time from midnight to 7PM, and instead of finishing at 4PM in the afternoon, it finished this AM at 8:20AM, and the appliance was immediately available.

    How would I go about changing the tracking history setting? I couldn't seem to find it after looking around.

    Thanks so much for all your help!
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during the backup time the appliance is not avaiable.
I urgently suggest you to build a new appliance (64Bit) and upgrade to 6.4.
Since 6.4 the nightly maintenance is running while the appliance is online.

With the 5.3 there was a limitation which were bloating the database.
This results in longer backup times.

To fix this, contact KACE support!
Please be aware, that your version is no more supported and may also have other issues which will not be fixed anymore!
Answered 10/12/2015 by: Nico_K
Red Belt

  • Hi Nico_K,

    We'd love to do that, but that isn't in the budget until next year sometime at the earliest. And "longer backup times" shouldn't be in excess of 16 hours, no?

    And yes, I'm pretty sure that they no longer support 5.3 - not sure how fruitful of a call that will be.
    • it is nessesary to prune the database to be able to update to 5.4, so this will be done.
    • You might try disabling all logging (Agent logging for all orgs specifically) and the reboot your system. This should help your nightly backup times, you should then be able to turn your logging back on.
      Support should also have some other tools for pruning your database, as if for an upgrade, that would help.
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do you have support? they may be able to go in and compact the database to cut down on time
Answered 10/12/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

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