Packaged a couple of applications yesterday and it was fine but then when trying to do anymore the repackager is not responding when you click next at the Include/Exclude file items screen. I have even tried creating a new Windows 7 machine and tried to capture an msi. It does the same thing if installed on the machine or run from a network share.

Nothing has changed since capturing the 2 sucessfull msi's, machine has been reverted to clean snapshot after each msi was done.

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  • Silly question, but you are running it as Administrator arnt you?
    ie, right click, run as admin.
  • What application is it? Not an MSI right? Perhaps it is very large or something else unique worth mentioning
  • It's an exe file and it is only 1.4MB in size which is why I was a bit confused as to why it crashes. I'll try again with it run as admin and see if it makes any difference
  • Just tried it again running as administrator and same issue again it sits there not responding. Also tried it with other apps such as vlc player or 7zip. I'll check and make sure these don't have anything like services that get installed or drivers which I wonder may cause a problem?
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