hi All,

  after uninstalling the app-v application a folder is remaining under start menu which need to be delete.
how can i delete that folder. is there any other way :(


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  • There are a few posts on the Internet about this issue, but nothing I've seen with a resolution. It's not something I've come across either.

    So that someone may help you further can you provide details of which version of App-V your using and whether your using the App-V infrastructure or SCCM to deploy your applications?

    Also is the folder top level, i.e. under 'Programs' or it it a child of the main application, 'Programs\<My application>\<SubFolder of my Application>'?
  • Can you post the app-v log file from the client's pc? if it is a parse issue, then you probably have the VM Win=16 and not 32 in the Subsytem section in the OSD file. Also, what OS Values are mentioned in the OSD file?
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