During the Beta process I enabled the Kace Tether on my K1000.  During a review of AD accounts I now see I have a kacetether account in AD.  I do not remember creating the account so I'm wondering if anyone else had had this happen to them when enabling a tether.

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  • I can't say that i have that account and i have had KACE tether in many times. Until 5.5 that introduced SSO, which puts two accounts in Users and Computers, KACE has never gone into AD to create an account.

    I can't explain how that got in there other than someone creating it for a specific reason.
    • I agree with this. Chances are, it was created by someone in your company because the KACE engineer that used the tether needed an account to test something in your environment.
      • I opened a ticket to see for sure. I just want to make sure the KBOX isn't doing anything screwey. I don't remember creating it but I could have in trying to get issues resolved quickly.
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