I've had ongoing issues with client agents showing up as AMP connected, but not able to report inventory. I've had a support ticket open for 7 months, but still have not gotten 100% resolution on it. It seems like every time they fix one thing, another thing breaks, driving my confidence level in accurate reporting down by the days/weeks.

At this point, my ticket is with L3 Engineering, and has all but stalled. I am no longer getting feedback from anyone, including the sales reps I have engaged. 

Has anyone else fallen into the same type of situation here? I'm very frustrated with the state of affairs with my K1, and not getting adequate support compounds the issues at hand.

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  • I'm not all to impressed with the newer triage support or what ever they call it. It's more like leaving a message at a call center than getting someone that can fix it now.
  • Have you tried contacting mary_kace?
    • I've not - who is that?
      • Sorry kace_mary here email is here: http://www.itninja.com/question/k1000-6-0-release-date
  • I understand your frustration, I also have a ticket open for the past 6 months and issue has not been fixed. I'm hoping new version will fix my issue
  • @dgretch We have got some major issues with reporting on the K1000 and the agent just stops working on over 2-3,000 agents, it's so bad I have written a script to reboot the agent daily and force a reinstall whenever Runkbot.exe gets removed (magically)
    Support is appallingly bad recently, I had someone call me who I genuinely have no idea what language they where speaking!

    I have to say I'm really looking forward to moving to SCCM, I've been using Kace for about 1 1/2 - 2 years now and I would class myself as a very advanced Kace admin and I have to admit recently - it (Kace) is rubbish!

    It got to the point a few months ago where the L3 actually knew me by name and I spend hours on the phone with the L3 with the issues we have.
    It might be that we have 7,000+ machines.
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