Would like to know what is Dell / Kace plan to support Windows 10 on K1000 and K2000 devices when 10 is released end of July?  Planning roll out starting in August.  I have seen nothing on ITNinja or Kace web sites about support for Windows 10.  
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Typically, new operating system support comes at the next appliance upgrade.  It would appear that this would be added with the 6.4 K1000 release later this year in a future release, but I can't confirm that at this time nor do I have an ETA for 6.4.

On a related note, although it's not supported by KACE, you can install the 6.3 agent on Windows 10.  I have installed it in a VM and it appears to work fine.  The biggest caveat to this is that you will not be able to patch it until Windows 10 support is officially added, although there will be some other minor things like sorting by operating system that may not work correctly.
Answered 06/18/2015 by: jknox
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  • been using it as a test station in my lab since they released. Been able to do scripted K2000 install. Have it in the k1000, had to adjust some of my scripting to communicate with it, but very little problems with it even though it is not officially supported yet.
    • I've seen several issues, including software distribution not working. Not to mention not being able to use it for Windows 10 patching. I'm pretty disappointed Dell wasn't more proactive with this support - especially with everyone's free upgrade clock ticking.
      • Patching through the appliance won't work until it's officially supported by KACE. As far as software distribution goes, that should work. You might post here with your issue and perhaps the community can help.
      • I figured out the software distribution issue. I had to go back to my software list and add Windows 10 Pro x64 to my list of supported OS's. But please work on adding the patching. Thanks!
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Adding a bit on the K2000, while we do not "recognize" the Windows 10 OS in the K2000, some of this is just a labeling issue.  The current release for K2000 (3.7.116629) will successfully deliver scripted installations and system images of Windows 10.  It will look like Windows 8.1 in the K2000 interface, but functionally it can be done.  So far Windows 8.1 drivers work well on systems I have tested with, but that is no guarantee of support.  The next release of K2000 (no date available yet) should provide official support of Windows 10 in the UI as well as new driver feed/detection for Windows 10 systems.

The Windows 10 driver injections should still work as long as you have a Windows 10 based KBE. The new driver feed configuration file does allow us to recognize Windows 10 and can direct us to the proper directories for the OS/Model.  The KACE Media Manager will support creating a Windows 10 based KBE (from the Windows 10 ADK).

While the driver feed for Dell systems will not show Windows 10 drivers, you could manually download Dell CAB files for the models you need, and place them in the K2000 drivers_postinstall directory.  So for Dell 3330 64bit Windows 10 for example it might look like:  


Bottom line, K1000 supports Windows 10 with the agent, scripts, and inventory all work today. Patching will come shortly, K2000 will work on Windows 10 but look like 8.1 until we get a release that adds that label to the UI and officially adds Dell Driver Feed support for Win 10.
Answered 08/13/2015 by: jamie_kace
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I am running 6.4.119603 and it supports windows 10 for most things so far.  The only thing it does not do is patching.  I have CIR's running, scripts and have pushed software to it,   I did need to go modify all these items and add the os type to them to get them to work.



Answered 08/06/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Can you send me this agent for testing for windows 10 64 and 32 bit. .Appreciate.
    • sorry I cannot post the clients for you to download due to the agreement I have with Dell\Kace. you can go to this blog and request thru the listed email to be added to the beta program. http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/help-us-help-you-k1000-6-4-release-candidate-concierge-program
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Here is the official guideline for KACE Support and Windows 10 at this time: 

Windows 10 Support https://support.software.dell.com/k1000-systems-management-appliance/kb/156967
Answered 08/18/2015 by: KACE_Mary
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The current info for Windows 10 Support is available here:

Answered 08/12/2015 by: airwolf
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Haven't heard anything. Of course that comes with the territory if you decide to jump on as an early adopter...not that you don't necessarily realize that. I believe they officially supported Win8 fairly quickly in the past.
Answered 06/18/2015 by: jegolf
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For the benefit of a Kace virgin (i.e. me!), what exactly would they need to change in order to "support" W10? As far as I can tell, the meat of the OS - kernel, networking, etc. - is pretty much identical to W7/W8.

@OP, you're a brave soul! I presume you meant to type "Planning pilot roll out in August"? :-)

Answered 06/19/2015 by: VBScab
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  • it needs to be tested intensively so by default all works fine with W10.
    Also Lumension need to update the feed.
    Usually in K1000 90days are needed.

    K2000 need to support the new WinPE for W10 (It works with WinPE5 from W8.1 but it is not supported)
    • PE 10 works in Media Manager and KBE Manipulator for the K2000. Mostly just labeling in K2000 and adding Windows 10 drivers to official support. Since it is similar to 8.1 most of it just works already.
      • Hi Jamie, I'm not able to use PE 10 in Dell K2000. I've just downloaded the ADK for Windows 10. After selecting this ADK in the KBE Manipulator and trying to create an image, it just hangs on "Adding KBE registry settings".. Any advise on how to create KBE of PE 10 in the K2000? Thx!
      • @Silencer001 - Try installing the ADK on a clean machine. Windows 8.1 or 10...i assume 7 would work too. Sometimes AV or drive encryption can interfere with creating KBEs. I did it on a clean WIndows 10 x64 image with nothing else installed. See if that helps. I know it works using KBEM on my systems.
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I started a topic on the kace uservoice site so if you guys want to go throw some votes in on it heres the link.  We are wanting to upgrade by the end of the free upgrade period so hopefully they will release a version that supports windows 10 by then.

Answered 06/23/2015 by: brianfulcher15
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