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Have any of you ever tried having anonymous people send in an email to create a ticket?  I have a user that has this need, and they would like it that we wouldn't need to create a user for each one that sends in a ticket.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  • Do you mean, emailing tickets from people outside the organization? We can do that in Service Desk -> Configuration-> (Select your Queue) -> Service Desk Email Settings, check the box accept email from unknown users.

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This is just a checkbox in your queue settings. 

Service Desk>Configuration>Queues>%yourqueue% at the top right of the page beside the queues email address there's a button that says [Configure Queue Email Settings], select that and on the next page right underneath the email address check in the box that says 'Accept email from unknown users' (requires 'Allow all users as submitter' option to be enabled in queue details)

Answered 09/06/2019 by: pfletcher
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Our main help desk queue accepts email from unknown users.  This is a requirement for us because we need incoming employees and students (higher education environment) to be able to email their questions. We also have them verify personal information via email from an external email account as part of our password reset protocols. 

Opening it up does cause some spam issues but nothing horrible. The help desk staff just delete those tickets from the queue.

Answered 08/27/2019 by: chucksteel
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