I have a handful of servers that are not checking in to Kace. I've gone through all of the usual troubleshooting, but cannot get it to work correctly. I get an "(302) Unknown error" when running runkbot 4 0 from CMD line. I've only found one post with that error, and it was never answered. 

I noticed my amp_auto.conf webport was set to 80 while my working servers are still set to 443. When I run "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\KACE\AMPTools.exe" host=kbox.domain.edu it will change the webport back to 443. At that time I can run runkbot 4 0, and the machine will inventory successfully. After that inventory though it will revert back to webport=80. I can repeat the process by resetting the conf file, and it will work every time. I just never sticks.  

I have port 80 redirecting to 443 in settings. I can ping, traceroute, and access the kbox via the web both http, and https on the machine. I was curious if anyone has ever seen anything like this?
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  • We are not seeing that, but I remember you have multiple kbox's with certs we only have one.
  • It looks to have something to do with Epic Hyperspace. These are Citrix servers that we test Hyperspace patches on. They sent us a bad patch, and we had to uninstall it via command line. It doesn't appear to play nicely with Kace. We're still trying to find a solution, but at this point at least we have it narrowed down.
    • finding the cause can be the hardest part
  • I installed the 5.5.30275 agent to test on a server, and it works as it should. When I update the agent back to 6.4 it continues to fail. Downgrade again, and it works. Hopefully support can shed some light on this.
  • I've disabled every non windows service. The 5.5 agent works just fine. If I install anything higher than that it will change the amp file to port 80 every time.
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