I purchased a license for 3.6 back in April 2013. I have received several new machines from my company since then, and when I got this last one when I went to install ASE I got this error:

"This license has no more activations available. Please contact customer support"

As I have been using ASE for years, in the past I would just send them an email and they would reset something and I would be able to install on my new machine. With them out of business am I now out of luck?



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  • I guess I am out of luck. I had a colleague install version 4 (Win 7 32-bit) and he said the software threw up errors when he tried to open it. I need to consolidate to one machine, so I guess I will roll the dice with 4.0, and worst case is I have to start researching a replacement, which is a shame as I really liked this product.
  • I would like to see an official answer to this one myself as I am in the same boat. Except that I have used 4.0 and I hate it. Is there some way to get the license reset for 3.6?
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