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We would like to have our users/submitters create their tickets via the helpdesk portal initially but be able to submit comments via email once the ticket is created in the portal. Is this possible and if so, how do we accomplish it?

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  • this is not how the service desk works. As soon as you "block" email from a group of users, it is for all.
    The only way (but this is not a smart one and would bring people to the barricades and as soon as a manager has been affected you are on the losing side) would be a ticket rule which checks: has this mail opened a new ticket? Yes, close it and notify the user via mail that he has to use the portal

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Unfortunately I do not think this is possible based on how the emails work within the ticketing system. In fact, ours is set up the exact opposite - users submit their tickets via email but if they ever need to clarify something they use the portal.

Answered 09/24/2019 by: jonniipalos
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