I've been working on implementing patch management on our K1000. We have a testing appliance (VM) set up so I can work on a copy of what we have running in production but with a limited number of test workstations actually connected.

Testing has been going well, but when I started some tests today (a limited deploy and rollback), I noted that they would run and immediately report "Success" without actually doing anything. I took a look at our Patch Catalog and found it empty. Digging further I noted that the the patches were there, but all of them showed a status of "Disabled." I've been going through my Download Settings, Subscriptions and Schedules and confirmed that none of the settings have changed (I've been taking screen shots of the settings as I've been going along).

Any ideas on what the problem is or how to go about troubleshooting this? Is this worthy of a call to support?


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  • Update: I tried to re-run the download via Run Now and it appears that the signatures are repopulating as Active. To be continued...
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