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Hey all, we're looking around to see if there's a way KACE can send an alert to our helpdesk if someone's machine gets locked out via bitlocker.  The status is there in the inventory records, so we're wondering if the new Ver 9 agent can send an alert based on that information? Pushing an alert would be a lot more responsive than having to pull a report on every machine in inventory.

Has anyone had any luck or experience with this?

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  • I believe that is not possible...

    But you could create a Custom Ticket Rule... to send an email based on that field value in he Database....

    I'm not sure if that will be real time... or you'll have to schedule the email... which defeats your purpose, because you could simple run a report and determine which machines are locked out.
    • Yeah, that's my concern. That would depend on a scheduled report, which could turn into white noise if we have frequent schedules for prompt response.

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