A few weeks ago I noticed about 30 mac laptops that showed an active connection to the K1000 but the inventory was way over a few days which I found odd.  I had a few of these users do the "runkbot 2 0" command which threw no errors but the issue persisted.  Even had them uninstall the agent and reinstall it but no luck.

The only thing I've found is in the agent logs for the device on the K1000 that says:

"Skipping 'Mac/Linux CI/Inventory + Agent Update' because dependencies are not on the system"

So what are the dependencies that are missing?  And how do I get them installed so the agent is actually able to inventory?

Thanks for any info

-Tyler Penn
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  • Ok I did some digging and found the actual inventory kbot guts (https://kbox/adminui/kbot.php?ID=2) and see 4 files set as dependencies


    I had the user check their actual kbots folder on their machine and while the " /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/data/kbots_cache/packages/kbots/2" folder exists, the folder is empty.

    So what's causing the dependencies to not get copied?
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Figured it out.  Someone had updated the "Agent Alert" image in the Logo Overides section of Settings > General Settings a few weeks ago.  Apparently the bmp that was updated made the inventory task grumpy as the old bmp file hash seemed to have been cached somewhere.  When I checked the logs I could see the dependency failing on the .bmp file complaining about a file hash mismatch then it just stopped and didn't attempt to copy the other files for the script (the important ones).

Deleting the offending BMP file from the logo overrides fixed the issue and all of the non-inventorying agents are now able to inventory with no issues.

Probably a very niche issue but hope it helps someone else out there some day
Answered 09/22/2015 by: tylerpenn
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  • Thanks a lot for sharing this. I know this is old post but it works!!!!!
    • Cool! Glad it helped someone out there
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