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I am having intermittend problems with my agent inventories. They are not updating as regularly as they should.
Most of my agent inventories are more that 3 days old.

It would appear that the appliance is limiting the amount of agents that can do inventory, because there are 5-10 agents that update. 
The agent differ everytime. I have 2800 agents at the moment. 

Not sure if this is related, but when I send out agent alert message as a test, they are only delivered to agents once appliance is restarted.
I have tested this with one and a group of agents.

Appliance version is 8.1.108
Agent version is 8.0.152


Noticed kbot tasks drastically increased.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • Just an update

    I believe my problem is bigger than just inventory. Scripts and patch detection also don't push through to agents. The stay on pending
    • Yikes! Definitely a bigger problem. Did you contact support?
    • Something similar happened to us when we duplicated a script that was set to run at check-in: Agent tasks skyrocketed and slowed down everything else.
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