Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this - I recently upgraded our K1000 to version 6.3. The agents out in the field are a mix of 6.0 and 6.2 agents (have not deployed 6.3 agent anywhere yet due to reported performance issues). 

However, I'm noticing via the System Dashboard the kbot is consuming about 94-96% usage. When I look in the agent status, I see over 80 machines for a single org have the following:


They have been running well over 30 minutes - and I think they are just timing out eventually. Other than this, the KACE box appears to be running fine and agents are updating - although slower (I imagine because of the building queue). 

Anyone else running into this? Haven't rebooted yet - not sure if a service is to blame or what. 
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  • Do you mean you have multiple orgs and seeing the issue only on one of them? We are running into the same issue but we have multiple orgs and it is only having issues on the main org.
  • Hi Pudenznl15 - after digging into this for a few hours, we discovered that we had a script that was hanging immediately after the server upgrade. Stopping this script and re-creating it in 6.3 solved our issue.

    Check your scripts - you may need to re-create one. Hope this helps!
  • We are having a lot of issues with agent check-ins as well along with issues with scripts hanging.
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