I currently am running K1000 on a VMware setup on our server.  This is a trial version i recieved from Dell.  

Currently installed server version: 5.5.90547
Currently downloaded agent bundle version: 5.5.30276

 I have looked at many other posts on trying to get the Kace Agent installed on a computer.  

I so far have done the following

-Turn on sharing
-Turned off UAC
-Ran the  agent_msi_provision.bat file and nothing happens

here are the scripts that i recieve:

Suspected OS (from scan): Windows
Action: Agent Install
Provisioning Status: failed
K1000 Agent Installed: No
Error Category: NETWORK related failure.




[04/17/14 03:33:11 PM] Executing Windows platform provisioning. 


  [04/17/14 03:33:13 PM] Executing remote communications:

      Initializing RPC
      Connecting to ADMIN$
      Copying service file
      Disconnecting ADMIN$
      Connecting to IPC$


      Opening pipe to service
      IN: pipe_open(\pipe\KBRemoteService, 2)
      Sending commands
      Commands: // client ampagent-5.5.25198-x86.msi kbo
      Sending login credentials
      Login: dell/abechtold
      [MSGCODE: 000] Begin agent_msi_provision.bat processing.
      [MSGCODE: 064] Detected 64-bit platform.
      [MSGCODE: 014] K1000 Agent is already installed.
      [MSGCODE: 100] End agent_msi_provision.bat processing.
      Removing service (Exit code: 0)
      OpenService - NT_STATUS_OK
      StopService - NT_STATUS_OK
      DeleteService - NT_STATUS_OK
      CloseServiceHandle - NT_STATUS_OK
      CloseSCMHandle - NT_STATUS_OK
      Connecting to ADMIN$
      Deleting service file
      Disconnecting ADMIN$


  [04/17/14 03:33:13 PM] End of remote communications. 
  [04/17/14 03:33:13 PM] End provisioning run.




I also see in the script that it has already installed, but it does not.  Then when you go to the provisioned configurations, it does not say it has succeedded.  It says it failed



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  • This shows the agent already there. You may want to check and remove if it is.

    [MSGCODE: 014] K1000 Agent is already installed
  • Found the resolution......

    In the network settings on the K1, i had to change "K100 DNS hostname", K1000 Web Server Name" to my Static IP Address i have made for my VMware K1000 setup. I confirmed that the agent and inventory now works. - See more at: http://www.itninja.com/question/nt-status-pipe-disconnected#sthash.LZlsaX4m.dpuf
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