I have been trying to get Acrobat Pro DC to install as a post install task. I have created a custom transformed msi using the Acrobat Customization Wizard for DC. I then zipped up the the folder and for parameters in the post install task I have msiexec /i AcroPro.msi /sPB /rs. Now I was once able to get it going once, but it just would hang and never install I removed the updates and the task then just failed.
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  • I had some issues when using the msi in the K2000 post-install tasks. I decided to utilize the setup.exe and call my transform file. It would look something like this:

    Setup.exe /sPB /rs /msi TRANSFORMS=AcroPro.mst

    If you run into any problems, add Visual C++ 2013 (x64) as a post-install task prior to Acrobat Pro DC.
    • Thank you for the reply. That unfortunately did not work out. It failed immediately just calling to this Setup.exe /sPB /rs /msi TRANSFORMS=AcroPro.mst
      So I added the Visual C++ and it hangs up on installing that.
      • What error code are you receiving?
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I also had an issue with installing Acrobat pro DC recently.

The issue was the Visual "C++ redistributable package"... which needs to

be installed for it to work. Even though the download package for

Acrobat has the this version of C++ included.... and the  customization

wizard is supposed to install it for you....... IT DOESNT!!

So I would suggest installing the "C++ Redist" as a task before

installing the Acrobat DC. Have a few other tasks in between them

for good measure.

My Acrobat DC parameters are a bit different from yours.... but works for

me perfectly. I used the MSI file provided by adobe. I suggest you use the

MSI version of setup.

(msiexec /i "AcroPro.msi" TRANSFORMS="AcrobPro.mst" /qn)

Also make sure that you don't zip up the folder containing your adobe

files. Rather open the folder and highlight all the individual components

and then zip. This is crucial, or else the k2000 will not be able to install.

Answered 06/15/2017 by: akmagnum
Red Belt

  • Ok I will give this a try. Thank you for the help.
  • I have tried both suggestions from folks, but I am still having no luck on getting Acrobat to install.
  • Finally got this to work. I appreciate all the help.
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