Hi, all. I'm looking for training class options for AdminStudio in the U.S., specifically: anything geared toward transitioning from Wise Package Studio to AdminStudio, because that's exactly what we're doing at my company. And before anyone freaks out and slaps me with a LMGTFY link (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=adminstudio+training+in+us), let me just say: I done did that already.

Here's my scenario: moderately skilled packager with 4 years packaging experience using Wise Package Studio and Orca. Our corporate environment is mostly Windows 7 and Office 2007, slooooowly transitioning to Office 2013. I was supposed to take a Flexera training class specifically around Wise to AdminStudio migration, but there was a snafu and the training never happened. It was also the only class scheduled in the US for calendar year 2014, and I don't think my company will spring for the extra expense of a jaunt to Europe to take one of the remaining scheduled classes.

An online search reveals a few other places in Europe that offer AdminStudio training, albeit nothing specific around transitioning from Wise to AdminStudio. Nothing in the US that I could find.

Was hoping to take a class to jump-start my learning and experience w/ AdminStudio, but at this point I'm wondering if my best bet is to read through the existing course syllabus, take some of the packages I've created in Wise, and attempt to create something w/ AdminStudio.  I think my key thing to learn will be how to replicate all the various script actions in the WiseScript Package Editor (check if a file or directory exists, copy a file from point A to point B, execute a VBScript, etc.) using AdminStudio.

Would be curious to hear from anyone who's faced this scenario and hear what their experience was like. Thanks.

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  • I offer training. I have helped move a few teams move from Wise to InstallShield mainly in Europe and the UK. Is it just you that needs training or are you part of a team? Where are you in the US??
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There's not a lot of classroom training offered in the states for packaging, but there's a lot in Europe - they seem to put a lot more importance on application automation over there.
You could contact a consulting firm which can come to your office and provide training for a handful of staff.  I’ve done quite a bit of this kind of custom training o clients over the years.
If you’re already familiar with Wise and can make almost any package, you’ll probably have a slight learning curve for AdminStudio.  There’s a few differences, but I usually compare Wise & AdminStudio to Ford & Chevy – they’re pretty much the same thing with nuances to be learned.

Answered 04/02/2014 by: vjaneczko
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There are great and reasonably priced online courses provided by professional trainers here. I am sure they also offer Wise to AdminStudio courses and even customized trainings. The online option makes it even more juicy.
Answered 06/11/2014 by: fisherman
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