So in order to keep our techs out of our managed installs we create manual labels. These manual labels are then applied to the associated managed install that we need to deploy. At the inventory screen the techs add the manual label to the machine, and it will get it's software for that label. 

I recently patched to 6.0.101864 help with some LDAP label issues. I do not recall seeing this behavior before, but now I get a selection of all of my labels. This includes user. LDAP, and patching labels. I can add machines to these labels. I'm not sure what purpose I would have to add a machine to a patch label, but I can? I added one of my test machines to multiple smart labels manually, and after check-in it instantly installs the MIs associated to those smart labels. 

Another thing I've noticed is that once the smart labels are "manually" added to the machine I cannot remove them. Is anyone else having this problem? Can someone on 6.0.101863 confirm this wasn't an issue before I contact support?
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  • Correction. I am able to delete the smart label that I manually applied to the machine by deleting the record, and letting it recreate itself. Surely this cannot be by design?
  • I added an LDAP label to my machine but after an inventory it was removed. Running 6.0.1079 on the client and 6.0.101864 on the appliance. When I tried adding another smart label to the machine the interface let me add it but as soon as I clicked the Save button on the inventory page it went away.
    • When I do it from the inventory screen for the machine it does not save. I am only seeing this behavior when check marking the box on the main inventory screen.

      For example I check mark three of my test machines. Select "choose action>Apply Label". At that point it will allow me to manually add a smart label manually. The three test machines instantly get the MIs related to the label to install (after update). From the same screen when I check mark the three machines, and select remove labels I am not able to remove that smart label. If I drill down into the machine inventory under labels, and try to remove the smart label I just manually applied and click save it still shows. The only way I can get it to go away is by deleting the record.

      Can you confirm if you are seeing the same behavior? We have three Kace servers, and seeing the same on all three. I just want to make sure I'm not going crazy.
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