Hey guys

I need to deploy Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 in our shop where all users are PowerUsers only. To install the app I use a different admin User. So far so good.
To be able to deploy a few settings, I wanted to use Active Setup so the newly logged on user gets the repair (and I always thought that in Active Setup one has Admin rights).
However during Active Setup the Repair stops and says that you need admin rights. I checked the MSI and the AdminUser condition is in the LaunchCondition table.

What can I do now? Should I remove the LaunchCondition? Can I elevate the rights during Active Setup?

Thanks for your ideas.

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How about altering the launch condition to AdminUser OR Installed ?

Answered 04/10/2007 by: spartacus
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Isn't Active Setup non-MSI? that is, if the EXE requires admin rights you might get that prompt. Also, it's advisable to use Active Setup for per user settings; if you have machine settings put them in the MSI and let Active setup do only the per user settings.
Answered 04/10/2007 by: aogilmor
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I would assume they are talking after the stub has launched msiexec.

Answered 04/10/2007 by: Tone
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... and of course a lot might depend on what the actual msiexec command is in the StubPath

msiexec /fup {ProductCode} /qn

is frequently used for a (silent) repair of the user specific settings


Answered 04/11/2007 by: spartacus
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G'day all,

Roland; wouldn't the stubpath run the msiexec in the system context, if it was installed from SMS as administrator? How do you install the app and do you log the install?

Could someone clarify this for me?

Answered 04/11/2007 by: WayneB
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The following is a guess:

I think Active Setup runs the stubpath in the user's context, but with temporarily elevated rights (that's its whole point I think). Anyway, the MSI's Launchcondition will just check if the user effectively belongs to the local admin group - which it wont - thus the failure. But Active Setup achieves elevated rights for the user some other way. So just remove the Launchcondition.

For instance, if you wrote a VBscript that did the following three things:
1) copied a new file to Program Files
2) reported current user credential
3) reported all members of Local Administrators group

and ran it using an Active Setup stubpath and logged in with a basic user account I suspect you would get the following:
1) it would copy to Program Files
2) it would accurately report the user's credentials
3) you would see that that credential wasn't in the local admin group (directly or nested)
Answered 04/11/2007 by: fosteky
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Thank you all guys.

I hope I can clarify a few things:

Spartacus, I couldn't find the time yet to try the modified LaunchCondition as you told me to do. I hope I will find the time next week...

aogilmor, yes the settings that I try to deploy with ActiveSetup are user settings only.

I use the following command line to achieve this: msiexec /fup {ProductCode}

WayneB, that's what I thought too. However, if we log in as a PowerUser, the installation triggered through ActiveSetup aborts with the message that one needs admin rights [:(]
We install this package (the original with a custom transform) with ZENworks for Desktops 4 using an install user with AdminRights (so it definitely is a per-machine installation) however the user can't even repair it %*#!$
I haven't logged the installation so far as the message seems pretty clear.

Ok, I will definitely start with modifying the LaunchCondition and come back to the forum.

Thanks a lot!
Answered 04/11/2007 by: rpfenninger
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active setup does run in user context for those that want to know.

users are allowed to run MSI's even when policy prohibits it if the MSI has been preinstalled. The user will however still need rights to any areas the MSI will write to.

as for the launch conditions you should remove AdminUser on all MSI's destined for enterprise deployment or at least swap them out for PriviledgedUser
Answered 04/18/2007 by: jmcfadyen
Fifth Degree Black Belt

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