Hi everybody,

Is it possible to install Acrobat XI (v.11) as a user package/ msi? Current MSI-package form Adobe installs everything per-computer by default, and I would like to change that to be per-user so the package will be roaming when users change PC. Snapshotting Adobe 11  initially is very difficult. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance!!

Greetings, Bouwer

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  • a) Adobe's products are already MSI-bound so snapshotting them will cause you a tsunami of grief. Download the appropriate Adobe Customisation Tool (or whatever they're calling it this week) to enable you to create a response transform.

    b) Read the license agreement. I think you'll find that, like pretty much every PC product, the license is per-machine.

    c) Authored properly, your package should handle user-level components gracefully, such that any customisations are installed when the user logs in to a new PC.
  • the link for DL the soft : http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/it-resources.html
  • thank you all. I installed Acrobt XI per-machine now. thanks again!
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