I want to make a silent (unattended) installation of AceMegaCodec without repackaging.
When i launch the setup theres some files copied in my temp folder but if i use the setup.exe copied my %temp% it ask me for a data2.cab. I can't found this file anyone got an idea?
I also looking in %ProgramFilesFolder%\InstallShield Installation Information\{Product ID}\ but there is not the files i need.
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Check the subfolders of %temp% and be sure that it is not referring to system temp (c:\windows\temp). This is a Windows Installer package?
Answered 03/19/2004 by: bkelly
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Thx for the answer.

I see in all my temp folders (Profile and System os...) but there's only new files in my %homepath%\LOCALS~1\Temp

Name ACEMCP593PRO.EXE 50695ko
This this is made by InstallShield (R) Setup Launcher.

When empty my temp and launch the setup the only files copied are in my homepath%\LOCALS~1\Temp\ (total:4838ko)

in this folders there's subfolders and only one with an extention *.exe. If i launch the file i found (setup.exe) it's work few minutes but a got a message. this message say it need a data2.cab. All must be in the ACEMCP593PRO.EXE but i don't know how to extrat it.
Answered 03/19/2004 by: thales
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If the main installation exe is an InstallShield exe, version 5 or later, you can do a few things to create a silent, unattended install.

1) Run the installation exe normally, EXCEPT put "/r" on the command-line after the exe. This put the InstallShield install into "record" mode.

2) After installation, look in your Windows folder for a file called setup.iss - this is the "answer" file you just created - it contains (in clear text, so be careful if security is an issue for you) all replies, clicked, typed, or other, that you supplied when you installed the app.

3) Place the setup.iss file in the same directory as the main installation exe and NOW use the command switch "/s" for silent.

One last note: if you're using an application that waits for this exe to finish, use the "/sms" command switch.

As you probably know, InstallShield installs use a small kickoff exe which uncompresses and then runs an exe it uncompresses.

If the software you're using is watching THAT exe to know when the install is done, you will get a false positive (for the install being done) because only the kickoff exe is done.

The "/sms" switch (used to help when installing via MS SMS) keeps the install within one single process, and your wait code will work.

I hope all this helps.


- Sean Roberts
Answered 03/19/2004 by: sean_c_roberts
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I test with the /r and its make my setup.iss after i use this command line ACEMCP593PRO.EXE /s /f1 "pathofsetupiss\setup.iss" /f2 "codec.log"

in the codec.log there is:

[InstallShield Silent]
File=Log File

(ResultCode=-5 File does not exist)

If i use my setup.iss with the setup.exe i found in my temp it ask me for the data2.cab.

I also use ACEMCP593PRO.EXE /sms but i don't make a silent installation..
Answered 03/22/2004 by: thales
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Is there a legit download link for this setup? If there is I will have a look at it- that cab has to be in there somewhere!
Answered 03/22/2004 by: bkelly
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i download this file here: ftp://ftpclubic1.clubic.com/temp-clubic-rx410/logiciel/ACE_Mega_Codec_5.93_Pro_XP.EXE it's free.
Answered 03/22/2004 by: thales
Senior Yellow Belt

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I don't have any good news, but wanted to let you know I am looking at it. So far I am seeing the same thing you are: Interactively it installs fine, but using the extracted setup files dies looking for a second (nonexistent) cab file.

Possibly my notes so far will help you out?

The files extracted for installation are:


However, I do see a second folder in %temp% that appears to be generated by the installation as well- {30BC76A5-D2A8-44EB-BB59-8F2B1012E8B2}

It contains a corecomp.ini file which appears to be a DLL manifest of some kind. A subfolder is also present that contains additional installation components for the setup, but still no second cab file.

I am assuming that the prompt for the second cab file is an error due to an improper execution of the setup (perhaps a command line switch or other parameter is passed to cause the successful interactive installation that we cannot see.)

The installation seems to be a huge mess of various components which I am surprised to see included in a single setup. For example, it appears to include Microsoft components that I do not believe are redistributable without permission. I mention this only because this may not be a package you want to install on your network at all. Some of the prompts raise an eyebrow during the interactive setup including "Absolutly no garanty!" for a EULA (both a surprising statement and spelling!) Bottom line- I would investigate this setup thoroughly before deploying it in a corporate environment because there is really no telling what the setup may be doing to your system- I would be very suspicious.
Answered 03/24/2004 by: bkelly
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I had a vendor app that did that as well......called a non existent cab file. I copied the only cab file to the folder and renamed it to the name the msi asked for and it found the files and installed. You might want to try that.
Answered 03/24/2004 by: MSIMaker
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thank for all yours answers but it doesn't work

MSIMaker i try to copy a data2.cab in the folder but it says they miss files in the cab.
Answered 03/25/2004 by: thales
Senior Yellow Belt

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