Good evening,

I am having an issue with setting a local user account as an administrator via command line in an OSD task sequence. For some reason the user does not appear in the administrator group. I am using the command;

net localgroup administrators myadmin /add

myadmin being the name of my local administrator account. In smsts.log there is no sign of the command failing, or even running (strange?). But if I run the command on the machine under a command prompt as my domain admin account I get an access denied, I can only presume this also happens when SCCM tries the same thing using the same account.

Any ideas would be welcome!


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  • Does myadmin already exist as a member of the local users group? Is there a domain account with the same name? Instead of specifying myadmin, have you tried machinename\myadmin ? There may also be a policy you need to set to allow a "non local" administrator account to elevate a local user to admin.
  • also, is the CMD elevated, your domain admin acc may be restricted by UAC. Is your domain acc in the local admin group??
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