We just upgraded to 5.5.90545 and also enabled ticket
archiving.  A few questions that I couldn't find an answer to in the
Service Desk documentation:

1.  How can I tell when the ticket archiving is done ?  Will I get a
message or email ?  Is there some other way to tell ?

2.  Which date does it use to decide whether to archive - ticket open,
modified or closed date ?

3.  The first archive seems to be taking a long time - at least 10 or 12
hours it seems.  Will subsequent archives be much faster since it should be
a small amount to archive or will it always take many hours ?

I just opened a Kace support ticket but I was hoping one of you may already know the answers.


Let me know.  Thanks.


Andy A.

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  • 1. I don't believe there is any notification on what was archived. That is in your settings by telling the KBOX when to archive. Mine is EOB Friday.

    2. I believe it is by the created date but support should be able to confirm.

    3. That will vary. Mine was done pretty fast but I only have a few thousand tickets. Plus mine Archive date was 2 years out and 3 years delete so I had a longer period. If yours was shorter then you may have more tickets archived. It should go a lot faster now that the initial one is done unless you open several thousand tickets a month.
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