Hi guys, can someone share some light upon this questions. Thank you for your help.

1. We're testing trial VK1000 appliance and have only 25 nodes licensce. I've made advanced provisioning for network range which is more than the license can allow so all 25 nodes were taken immediately... and now every time I want to remove one K1000 agent via single machine provisioning and delete record manually under Inventory/Computers, after some time, a new machine is automatically added with agent appearing in Inventory (I quess from that range...) so when I want to add another computer, I can't, because that "new open" seat that I freed is taken because of problem above.
My question is, how can I stop new computers from adding to K1000 Inventory ?

2. I've enabled Dell Updates for my Dell laptops in company. But when I try to deploy update to Dell E6520 it keeps on looping BIOS update and wanting restart (see SS below). Why are these loops occuring and how can I stop them and install update for good ? (and I don't mean on disabling scheduled update as a solution..)


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  • Some BIOS updates require that the current BIOS be at a minimum version (i.e the system must have A10 before you can upgrade to A19). Running the A19 update manually on one of the machines should tell you if this is the case.
    • What about other drivers/patches? If you look closer, can see that "intel chipset device software" took 2x to install... I took BIOS as an example...I'm sure there are other drivers with the same problem of multiple attempts installations... What is globally the problem?
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For question number one I think your best solution will be to uninstall the agent from the machines that you don't want checking in. You can use machine provisioning to uninstall the agent just like you used it to install the agent.


Answered 05/30/2014 by: chucksteel
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  • You mean that those computers from given IP range which didn't make it into 25 seats do have agent installed but didn't quite make it through step 4 and 5 of syncing to AMP server and showing into Inventory and they are waiting a seat to free up to complete installation?
    • The installation completed, they just aren't showing up in inventory because you are at the license limit.
      • Thank you for your reply... think it's a long shot, but can it be done also through advanced provisioning even though those machines aren't showing in inventory?
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